About Us

Precision Lighting Systems Inc. of Hot Springs, Arkansas was founded in 1991 and quickly became the standard bearer for lighting and dimming systems in the poultry industry.  We specialize in the conceptualization, engineering, and manufacturing of high quality products designed specifically for poultry. 

Our trade-marked light system, The Propagator® XP is well tested in the field with many hundreds of thousands in use today in farms all across the USA, Central and South America, The Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.  Despite claims by some, no other company has lit the poultry industry with the numbers Precision Lighting has.  No one even comes close.  Our unique digital dimming system, The Performer has been the envy of every dimmer manufacturer and has led the industry since its first introduction.

When Precision Lighting first introduced the original Propagator® 1, we literally changed the way poultry houses were lit.  We have been leading the way ever since.

There are many reasons Precision Lighting Systems, Inc. stays so far ahead of foreign importers and resellers claiming to be manufacturers.  One reason is our unique design and engineering perspective.  Our team spends time with integrators, equipment distributors, service personnel, farmers, and even freight companies to fully understand what each party perceives as a need or challenge.  Precision Lighting then meets those challenges through extensive research and engineering.  We always stay several steps ahead of everyone else.

Because our dedication to customer satisfaction is so important to us, we place upper level management on the front lines of customer service.  It is essential to every member of the Precision Lighting family that integrators, distributors, farmers, and chickens are happy and satisfied using our products.  Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service has helped earn us a reputation as a leader in the industry.

We proudly proclaim that our products are MADE IN THE USA by American workers. For those of you who have done business with us in the past, you know we stand behind our products – in word and deed – and back that with $1,000,000.00 in product liability insurance for your peace of mind. 

For those who have not done business with us, contact us and let us introduce you to high quality material and workmanship, competitive pricing, and phenomenal customer service.

So, when the other guys tell you, "Oh, it is OK, it is just like Precisions" just tell them you would rather have the real thing! 

At Precision Lighting Systems, Inc.
we are often imitated, never duplicated